Bad college girls, lazy secretaries, slutty teachers, nasty female students. Knelt, bent over the knees, stooped over the chairs, cuffed to the chains, spread on the tables. Waiting fearfully for the next painful slaps, making their buttocks red and sore. So guilty and sexy looking, so ready to reclaim their fault, so scared and excited at the same time!

21 y.o. Dara - spanking and self spanking till orgasm.
Another one very sexy and beautiful secretary get spanked. Spanking her ass and pussy till a woman will be excited and cums like slut - isn't it wonderful?

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Secretary spanking.
If your secretary is late again, what should you do? You can fire this lazy slut or teach a lesson she will never forget! Strip your secretary off to the stockings and use her panties as a gag. Let her shiver with fear, wince with pain and beg for mercy while being bent over your knee and getting her bottom covered with the signs of your anger. Flog her sexy ass till your secretary gives a scream and threaten her with a flogger to a fearful orgasm!.. How to start? This office spanking video is your guide!

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Beautiful female teacher — 29 y.o. Anna...

Some teachers must be taught too!
She is so remorseful of her sins (too high heels, slutty stockings and flirtation with co-workers) now that her bottom is flogged and slapped. But the head teacher is sure this slut hasn't perceived her mistakes yet. Slapping in the chains for the high heels, over-the-knee gagged flagellation for the stockings and humiliating toy masturbation for her slutiness are the pains and penalties this bad teacher gets in the head's office. Hard enough? Watch Sandra's video to rate the pain level!

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Bad college girl disciplined.
Why the hell is Dina nude, bent over the knee of this fury and getting a hard merciless spanking? Nothing special - she was too lazy to do her homework. A hard dose of the good smacks on her shivery buttocks and a really shameful masturbation by the order of her teacher are waiting for this college lazybones. Too hard punishment? Maybe. But this slut doesn't look ready to become an A student. It seems as she would like to get the spanking lessons on a regular basis!

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23 y.o. Xandra self spanking.

23 y.o. Jenia with soooo innocent face.
But this secretary is not really innocent, she must be spanked, and it's looks so exciting!

Flexible 32 y.o. secretary Siana spanked in different sexy poses.
And at the end she spanks herself till orgasm.


Two office ladies punished for the bad deeds.
Orderet to get off all their clothes, these two ladies must spank and punish each other...

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Red ass of a bad college girl.
Nothing disciplines the college rule-breakers faster than an unexpected spanking lesson, gotten in the head's office and including sports and sex humiliation! And it doesn't matter what this bad college girl did - her scared ass is destined to get an over-the-knee spanking after a set of humiliating exercises in the half removed panties. But what a surprise for the mature spanker - the slaps excite the nude bitch so much that spanking turns into...Watch the video!

Female student spanking.
Looks like this sexy student is caught masturbating at the lecture. Or else why did her mature professor make her masturbate with a dildo and the anal beads on the table? Maybe this student skips the sports lessons - or else why is this panty-gagged babe stretching so hard? Perhaps, this professor just adores spanking her students - or else why does her discipline lesson include whipping and smacking? So many questions. The answers to them are in this student spanking video!

This butt must be spanked!
A paddle, a flogger, a cane. Is the sin of this office cutie so big? Okay, what would you do with a girl who lost your contracts? Wouldn't you bend this naked bitch over your knee for a disciplining spanking? Wouldn't you flog and paddle her bare ass so hard that she couldn't sit down for a few hours after? Yes, you would make her nasty bottom red if she is too insolent to turn red in the face from her bad behavior! And, sure thing, a controlled masturbation is a great closing of every office education!

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Spanking humiliation.
This stupid bitch is sure she is here for a rebuke for her bad behavior. What a mistake! This slut deserves something more unforgettable than a rebuke - what about caning and slapping, panty-gagging and knelt pardon begging? Of course, she is unready to get a lesson like this. So unready that she is sure this is just a joke. But the slaps and the licks of the cane are too painful to don't give a scream - and the bitch has finally realized that her boss is gonna punish her harder than ever!

Office spanking humiliation.
Corporal punishment is the most popular method of making lazy office girls start working hard in this corporation. And this method works great! Look, this slut is here for a bad work - and her boss is going to spank the laziness out of her! She is getting more dutiful with every smack, more remorseful with every discipline act and...more excited with every slap! Oh my God, she is chained, her ass is red and sore, the boss is angry and ready to punish her for hours - and she wants to cum at the same time!

Bad college girl spanked.
Undressed, panty-gagged and bent over the knee. Trying not to cry and scream but unable to keep her moans in. Waiting for the next slap like a sacrificial lamb but answering to it like a horny slut. Puzzled with her feelings and ready to beg for sex relief but too scared to do it. Kristina deserves this cruel spanking lesson, no doubt, but she is also worthy of some pleasure. Is her teacher generous enough to let this disobedient college girl get to know what the slap stimulated orgasm is?

Sexy teacher gets spanked.
Her ass is so damn spankable that the head teacher gives the hard thrashing lessons to Nata on a regular basis! Cruel and perverted? But this slut deserves the most extreme punishment for her bad behavior, no doubt! What is waiting for this blondie today? Upskirt slapping, chained and cuffed flagellation, over-the-knee spanking and some other discipline acts. But this teacher with so spankable ass is unready to change - every painful spanking lesson on the boss's knees ends up with a secret orgasm!

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Beautiful college girl spanked.
So young and already so nasty! This college beauty should be punished as soon as possible for disobedience while it is not too late! What would you do while being her teacher? A chained obedience lesson, a knelt pardon begging, a toy masturbation and, of course, an over-the-knee spanking are the most efficient ways of flesh and mind suppression. But keep in your mind that some college bitches like getting spanked by teachers. Why? Because orgasms happen right during so painful lessons!

Lazy student gets an ass spanking lesson.
If only you knew what this slut did, you would also take a flogger and give her an extremely painful lesson! You would also thrash her ass, pussy and tits till they redden and ache - if only you were her teacher. This babe is so lucky because she doesn't know how cruel you are, right? But who knows - what if her teacher does something really mad with this slut in the spanking video? What if she masturbates with the dildo with a painful pleasure, not because she must do it? If so, what makes her do it?

College teacher public humiliation and spanking.
Knelt pardon begging in the presence of her female sudent is so disgracing that the teacher turns red in her face. But this is not the worst punishment she is destined for getting in the head's office. The head and the female student give her a double over-the-knee spanking lesson. Then, she unexpectedly cums while being on the male knees and getting slapped by the fem spanker. Oh my God!

Pussy rubbing against the laps of female and male spankers is the reason why moans for mercy turn into begging for sex relief. The reason why spanking lessons end up with masturbation and real vaginal orgasms... Are you ready to bend a sexy bad girl over your knee, bare her bottom and deliver so stinging but exciting pain to this rule-breaker?!

24 y.o. Julia - sexy spanking in different poses for flexible sexretary with hairy pussy.
Not each secretary, who has broken the company rules, gets a chance to right her wrong. Julia gets it - her ass is gonna be thrashed mercilessly with a boss's palm, a flogger and a paddle and her pussy is gonna share the destiny of her ass. But if this secretary is afraid of pain and humiliation, she can go home right now and forever...

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25 y.o. Maria - spanked with anal ball in her anus.
Masturbation in the teacher room is not her worst mistake. It is much worse that Maria is so slutty that wears no panties in the classroom. That's why her teacher's ass deserves this humiliating lesson...

29 y.o. secretary Toria spanked for bad report + self spanking.
It is hard to do everything in time if you are a secretary... To make her work better, boss orders Toria to read the report nude, spanked her and orders paddle herself.

20 y.o. Jana nice and sexy + spanking herself till orgasm scenes!
While others work, this sales manager masturbates in the rest room. This is so bad that her boss is gonna dismiss Jana if only she doesn't want to get a spanking lesson.


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